Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the in person class and the online class ?
With respect to the DMV there is no difference which way you take the course. Some Courts however do require an in person class and you should check with the court if you are in doubt.
Where are you located?
Our business office is in Leesburg, Virginia. However we do not conduct classes at this location. Our classes are held at some of the finest hotels in Northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Please see our locations page for the location nearest you.
What is the cost?
Our class is reasonably priced at $89.00 if you register in advance. You are welcome to pay at the door, but the cost will be $100.00. When considering the increase in your car insurance as a result of a ticket, this is reasonable indeed.
Is the curriculum the same for your online class as the in person class ?
Our in person course is entitled "The Big Picture" and we teach this DMV approved curriculum at our in person classes. The curriculum taught in the online class is a course provided by a third party provider,  It too, is approved by the DMV but it differs from the in person course we teach.
Do I get my certificate on the day of the class ?
Yes, you will receive you "Certificate of Completion" upon successful completion of your 50 question test at the conclusion of the course day.
If I take the class online how long will it take to get my certificate?
Your certificate which will be electronically generated will be emailed to you with 24 to 48 hours of your successful completion of the course.
There are many schools like yours, why should I take your course ?
Because we believe our course is one of the best around. It is comprehensive, inter-active and it is taught in a non judgmental fashion, we are well aware that most folks would prefer to spend their day somewhere else. To that end we strive to make the class not only informative but fun as well.
Do I have to pre register ?
No you don't you are always welcome to simply walk in, but please be aware that class size is limited and pre registration assures you a seat in our class.
How often do you have classes?
We attempt to schedule several classes each month and if demand warrants we will add additional classes. Please see our schedule of classes page for specific class dates.
If I am under 18 do I have to bring a parent to the class ?
No, you may attend by yourself.
What if I pay in advance and then cannot attend?
Just contact us and we will work with you to find a class that fit's your schedule.